Early Years Learning


Kids — Child Care in Mount Hutton, NSW

Importance of Early Years Education

  • Kinda Kapers educators will work in partnership with children to help them develop a strong learning cycle. This process will allow children to participate in a learning environment which will develop their social, emotional, physical, personal, spiritual, creative, cognitive and linguistic skills - for life and future learning.

  • With an increased understanding of early brain development, the importance of structured education, by university-trained teachers in children's long-term development, is now being realised. Children can greatly benefit from participating in an early childhood setting, using an early learning curriculum.

  • Communication is key at the heart of our innovative programs. Educators encourage children to share ideas, knowledge and resources relevant to each children’s learning. Educators maintain quality relationships with children and families to ensure quality learning outcomes are supported during their time at Kinda Kapers.

  • Families have high expectations about the education their child receives in childcare - Kinda Kapers fulfils those expectations by using the 'Early Years Learning Framework' (EYLF) to guide the teaching and learning by qualified university-trained teachers of all children in our childcare centres.



What is the Early Years Learning Framework?

The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) is a preschool curriculum endorsed by all governments in Australia to be used in the early childhood setting.

Kinda Kapers embraces the EYLF and uses it to guide teaching and learning at each of our centres. The goal of the EYLF is to use key learning principles and teaching practices to enrich children's education and development.

The EYLF encourages teachers to:

  • Plan environments to increase children's learning
  • Intentionally teach children specific knowledge, skills and attitudes they will need when they enter primary school
  • Assess children's learning and extend teaching opportunities to maximise learning outcomes for each child

Belonging, Being & Becoming

Children's Learning Cycle — Child Care in Mount Hutton, NSW
The key themes of the EYLF are Belonging, Being & Becoming

  • Belonging refers to children's sense of belonging to a family or community group. To achieve a sense of 'Belonging', teachers at Kinda Kapers develop meaningful relationships with the child and family members.

  • Being refers to the present. How the child is living and experiencing the 'now'. To achieve a sense of 'Being', teachers at Kinda Kapers demonstrate high levels of respect for children in all of their interactions. Teachers ensure children feel cared for and valued, enabling them to build a sense of 'self' to deal with the daily challenges and joys of the learning environment.

  • Becoming refers to the change that children experience as they grow and learn. To achieve a strong sense of 'Becoming', teachers encourage children to develop an understanding of different situations. Children demonstrate a range of skills to meet any new challenges that learning as part of a group may present.

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Educational Programs

Kid — Child Care in Mount Hutton, NSW

Preschool Foundations for Future Learning

Kinda Kapers implements a preschool curriculum for all children over 2 years of age and children's individual progress and development is documented regularly in portfolios.
Kinda Kapers preschool programs are embedded with 'foundations for future learning'. Children participate in numeracy, literacy, drama, science, music, language, as well as fine and gross motor activities. More importantly, children are encouraged to develop skills in social competence, such as:

  • Independence and self-help
  • Positive interactions to start, develop and build on friendships
  • Confidence and communication
  • Sharing and turn-taking
  • Participating and understanding rules, routines and fairness
  • The ability to function and learn in a group
  • Respect for themselves and others
  • Empathy and seeing others needs
  • Kindness and seeing others points of view

Kinda Kapers values all of these skills, and we are proud of our holistic approach to educating your child.



Educational Portfolios

Kids — Child Care in Mount Hutton, NSW
The Kinda Kapers educational program is based on an ongoing cycle of planning, documenting and evaluating children's learning. Early childhood teachers observe children and gather information to prepare play-based educational programs targeted to children's strengths and needs.

Portfolios recording how, what and why children learn are available for parents throughout the year. This planning and documenting of your child's learning reflects Kinda Kapers professional attitude and commitment.

Portfolios are made up of photos of your child's learning, stories, observations, group experiences, graphs and artworks and then copied onto a USB for each family at the end of the year.