Preschool Program & School Readiness



Importance of School Readiness

As your child approaches 4 parents start to wonder whether to start big school or to have another year of school readiness. Research by the Australian Early Development Census (AEDC) shows that 22% of children start school with a learning vulnerability1

Before children start big school it is important to ensure that they are developmentally ready across all aspects –
  • physical health and wellbeing
  • emotional maturity
  • communication skills
  • social competence
  • language and cognitive skills
  • general knowledge
Multiple studies have shown children who start school behind the group tend to stay behind, and are at risk of being locked into a lower trajectory.

Attending a structured Preschool program can significantly help! International and Australian studies demonstrate that children who attend a structured preschool program are less likely to be developmentally vulnerable in their first year of school and have greater success in transitioning to school2

The benefit of Preschool has been shown to be true for children regardless of background.
Proportion Graph — Kinda Kapers in Mount Hutton, NSW

What is School Readiness?

When considering school readiness it is easy to consider only specific skills such as numeracy, prewriting, literacy and others to a specific 'school-ready' level. However, a key component of school readiness is to also focus on broader maturity and emotional readiness. The ability to have confidence in a group learning environment, to communicate with peers and build relationships all provide key ‘Foundations for Learning’.

While Kinda Kapers philosophy supports the development of specific skills & knowledge, we place significant emphasis on also developing "Foundations for Learning".


(And Others)

Foundations for Learning

Independence & Self-help
Positive interactions to develop & build friendships
Sharing and turn-taking
Participating and understanding rules, routines & fairness
Ability to function and learn in a group
(And Others)

Kinda Kapers Preschool Program

Color Pencil — Kinda Kapers in Mount Hutton, NSW
Kinda Kapers preschool programs are run by university trained teachers who are skilled in all of the most up to date pedagogical skills which will maximise your child’s learning outcomes. Our preschool program ensures each child takes all of the right steps to be big school ready. We achieve this by:

  • A comprehensive child focused curriculum
  • A variety of stimulating learning environments focusing on key learning areas
  • A focus on social & emotional skill development
  • A focus on communication & enquiry based learning
  • Incorporating interactive technology to reinforce skill development & knowledge acquisition
  • A fun play based learning environment focussing on each child’s strengths & interests

While educational programs are a key component for all age groups, the structure and expectations take on a key focus for our preschool group. Our broad aim is to ensure your child is fully prepared for big school and life beyond.

Extra Preschool Features

Child with Computer — Kinda Kapers in Mount Hutton, NSW

Education through Technology

Technology is now a part of schooling across Australia. Kinda Kapers centres all have an interactive Smart Boards for our Preschool groups. These provide an engaging way of presenting a variety of new information including videos, photos and interactive apps. In addition, it allows the children to become familiar with being presented new information in this manner so they are comfortable with it when they arrive at big school.

ELLA – Learning a Second Language

Kinda Kapers is proud to have been a part of the Australian Government Early Learning Languages Australia (ELLA) program since it commenced. The program introduces preschool children to a second language through a fun digital play-based app. Throughout the year the language being explored is also extended with additional activities to help the children appreciate a different culture and gain a broader appreciation of the world around them.

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