Charlestown Playground 5 - Kinda Kapers
Charlestown Playground 4 - Kinda Kapers
Charlestown Playground 3 - Kinda Kapers
Charlestown Playground 2 - Kinda Kapers
Charlestown Playground 1 - Kinda Kapers
Classroom 2 - Kinda Kapers
Classroom - Kinda Kapers
Charlestown Classroom 1 - Kinda Kapers
Charlestown Classroom 2 - Kinda Kapers
Learning Station - Kinda Kapers
Sandpit - Kinda Kapers

Kinda Kapers Charlestown Long Day Care & Preschool

Kinda Kapers Charlestown is a small boutique centre offering a unique family-oriented environment. We are an integral part of the community and have been providing loving care and quality education to local families for over 25 years.
Our dedicated and caring staff create a calm, relaxed and safe family-style environment for your children. We provide opportunities for all children to interact together, as well as other periods during the day when children are with their age peers. This encourages leadership & role modelling, as well as opportunities for each child to develop at their own pace. It can also enables siblings to maintain close relationships. This holistic approach led by our close-knit staff creates an intimate atmosphere with a comforting and reassuring feel.

For younger children this is the perfect environment to explore and develop, including early exposure to literacy, numeracy and group behaviours. For older children we run a pre-school program which helps to prepare children for school, including familiarisation with newer technologies such as iPads and Smart Boards as well as a wide range of more traditional educational and play resources. Our play-based learnings programs include a healthy mixture of both indoor and outdoor activities every day.

Featuring a highly trained and committed team of staff, we aim to provide a caring, family-style environment where your children will learn and thrive.